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Helping Restore Trust

Life without trust is an anxious thing. It's like walking on loose boards, out of balance and never being able to fully relax. If you have been cheated on, you know that trust is the first casualty. Your self-esteem, peace of mind and belief in the other person are wounded.

What is trust

It's a relaxed feeling that you have in someone, a confident feeling that they will do what they say, act with your best interests in mind and not betray your vulnerability when you aren't around. It's a belief that you can expect and accept a truth from someone without requiring evidence or investigation.

If trust has been broken in your relationship the foundation is broken

Can it be mended? Yes, under many circumstances it can. If your relationship is suffering from infidelity, Couples Therapy might be the thing you need, especially if you want to rebuild the relationship. It will take work, purposeful actions, an ability, amends, patience, impulse control & the ability to withstand emotional discomfort until healing occurs.

I have experience in helping Couples work though the anger and grief that arrives with unfaithfulness

The stages are pain, transition and discord then rebuilding. If you would like to reach out about sessions please drop me a line. Let's see if an appointment with me is a good next step for you. I'll be happy to help you assess your specific situation. If you and your partner are still together its' best if you attend counseling together to get through it.

Email is the best way to reach me

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Laressa Desmond PhD


Trust after Infidelity

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