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Avoiding Break-ups

Finding out that you've been cheated on is like trying to survive a lightening strike. Your thoughts are amped up, at the same time you're drained & despairing from a broken heart. Are you dealing with infidelity & worried about the state of your relationship? Does breaking-up seem like the only option? This might be a good time for Couples Therapy.  

Even the best of relationships sometimes lean toward break-ups so that's not always a sign that things should actually end. I will be honest with you and help you reach the best decision for your circumstance. If there is a chance to work it out, I will help you find new tools to bring it back from the edge. If the cause of the disruption is unfaithfulness I can provide you with Couples Therapy tailored to deal with that so that you can feel better and let your heart grow lighter.

How can Couples Counseling help you?

Infidelity upsets the mind and body. It's hard to stop the intrusive thoughts. Hard to function well when you're emotionally distraught. I'll provide you with a safe, calm and undistracted environment where you can work through your feelings. Help you navigate the fall-out from broken trust. Couples Therapy can help you understand what and why. Plus, in many case the emotional damage can be survived and healed. You can build something new together out of the wreckage of your present situation.

Couples Therapy - Does it work?

When relationships falter it is often due to hostile communication, damaged trust or lack of effort. That said, relationships are very resilient. With effort and clinical guidance it is often possible to  turn things around and get your relationship back on track. I am here to help you with that.

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Avoid Infidelity Break-ups

Infidelity recovery, Woodland Hills 91364
Infidelity recovery center for couples, Woodland Hills, 91364

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