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Getting past the anger

When you learn that you have been cheated on the first and most prominent feeling is shock, followed quickly by a deep debilitating rage. It's so intense that you can hardly contain it. This is a normal reaction to betrayal. If you are here you probably know what that's like. You want to strike out, but your options are limited. You have to be careful at this point not to take actions that you'll regret.

Your relationship will become a battleground of deep wounds, racing thoughts, shouting and a sinking sadness at where you find yourself.

Self Care

Nothing will magically make your pain your go away but counseling can help you process it and stay functional. Self care is important to healing and counseling is a form of self care for the relationship.

It's best to get counseling with your partner and if that is what you seek, I can help you. I specialize in helping Couples who are trying to make sense of an infidelity and find a way to recover from it. As your Couples Therapist I can help you with emotional management, support and communication during this stressful time.

What to expect

I have a reviews page on this site where clients share their experience. You can browse that to get an idea of what to expect from counseling with me.

Email is the best way to reach me

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Infidelity recovery, Woodland Hills 91364
Infidelity recovery center for couples, Woodland Hills, 91364

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