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Infidelity Recovery    Most relationship issues can be solved with patience, honesty and communication. This is especially true in cases of infidelity. There are ways to get past it. Click to learn more.

Marriage Counseling for Infidelity    Has the dark reality of infidelity slid into your marriage and undermined all that you have built together so far? Click here for my services.

Angry from Infidelity    The boiling pot of emotional shock, heartbreak and destroyed trust generates a fury in the heart. The rage is natural but must be managed, even in such a difficult time. For help click here.

Emotional Affairs and Cheating     If your genitals weren't involved but your heart and your attention were then is it still considering cheating? Yes it is. Click for more.

Avoid Break Ups from Infidelity   Is your relationship in the downward spiral of despair and defensiveness because of Infidelity? Want to work it out, heal and pull things back from the edge? If so click here and find out how I can help you with Infidelity Recover Counseling for Couples.

Couples Therapy for Infidelity    Were there problems with communication, conflict resolution and emotional connection before the infidelity ? If so let me teach you those skills so that you can have the extra skills sets needed to recovery and process past infidelity.

Trust    Perhaps the worst has happened. You didn't see it coming and you're in shock. Can trust be restored? Infidelity raises so many questions. Click here for help.

PreMarital Infidelity    Leading up to the wedding and found out about an infidelity in the past? Don't let it poison your future. Click here to learn how I can help.

Resentment Recovery    I have experience counseling couples who are simmering with a chronic low grade resentment and suffering the depletion of joy and cooperation as a result. If the resentment is the result of infidelity then this poses special challenges Click here to learn more.

About me    I was born to be a Couples Therapist. Reach about the training and experience that I call upon to help you with your relationship needs. Click here.

Clients Review Infidelity Recovery Therapy   See what clients have to say about helping their relationship recover from infidelity. Couples Therapy results.

Office photos    My office is a neutral, distraction-free and emotionally safe space for you to open up and process through your deepest feelings about the infidelity.

Locations   There are 5 ways to have sessions with me. I am available for sessions at my 4 office locations, Santa Monica, Culver City, West Los Angeles, and Woodland Hills. I am also available for video sessions.

Infidelity during Pregnancy    It's horrible, but it happens. If it has happened to you, contact me and let me help. Click here.

FAQ's    Click here to check out info that you might find interesting about Counseling.

Treatment Policy    Check this link to see what issues that I work with, how consultations are handled and how my office deals with insurance.

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Infidelity Help for Couples

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