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Couples Therapy and Infidelity Recovery

Infidelity Recovery can be an issue folded into the larger scope of Couples Therapy. It is sometimes, (not always), the case that there were other problems in the relationship prior to an infidelity, such as constricted communication, underlying resentments, feelings of emotional neglect or a sense of being under appreciated and overly criticized.

Why do they cheat

In reality there are a number of reasons why people cheat. Players will be players and, in that case, I can't help. However, when asked why they cheated the explanation most often given is that they felt an ongoing and chronic emotional disconnection from their partner.

The cheater reports feeling lonely, discouraged about the relationship, unable to feel soothed or appreciated by their partner, taken for granted and exhausted by arguments. They usually report a sense of futility about getting through to their partner. This often leads to next level resentment and anger which helps them justify infidelity.

While it is more rare, some people do cheat out of boredom or lack of sexual satisfaction. Then there are some people who just feel entitled to cheat and don't need a reason. The reasons why cheating occurs are too many to list here but if you feel that your whole relationship needs an upgrade, I can help you. Couples Therapy with an emphasis on Infidelity Recovery might be of use to you.

If you are trying to figure out which path to take I can help you with some Counseling.

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