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As a Marriage Counselor I help couples get through the worst, the revelation that a trusted spouse has cheated

You are furious, blindsided, emotionally knocked to your knees. Who was it?  When did it happen? Where did it happen? What did you do together? How could you lie to me? You want details, you want to scream, to leave, to punish, you want it not to be true so you can wake up from the nightmare. Your mind is racing and your heart is broken. How could all that you have built together be put at risk?

Don't despair, the majority of infidelities in marriage are not fatal to the relationship. Couples do get through it and counseling with an experienced marriage counselor is a solid option to make that happen. Over the years I have seen Marriage Counseling resuscitate broken relationships, helping each partner find a renewed since of purpose and appreciation for their spouse.


My style as a Therapist is to help you deal with the feelings of betrayal by the person who has shattered your trust. I'll help you weigh all the options so you can decide if you want to end the marriage or stay together. I will help you with emotional honesty, insight and self disclosure so that you can understand exactly why this happened. I'll stand with you through the dark phase of the trauma and provide you with help and hope.

It is always best after an infidelity for the Couples to attend therapy sessions together. This facilitates faster healing and deeper understanding.


I am an expert in helping Couples find ways to cleaner ways to communicate during difficult times. We will collaborate to come up with an actual plan for getting through it. Then I will guide, support and keep you focused on solutions. Therapy isn't only about venting feelings; I also aim to help you produce results and real change.

I will work as hard as you do to help you improve your marriage

If you and your spouse need compassionate, expert assistance to improve something in your marriage you can contact me.

Email is the best way to reach me

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Laressa Desmond, PhD


Marriage Help for Infidelity

Infidelity recovery, Woodland Hills 91364
Infidelity recovery center for couples, Woodland Hills, 91364

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